KSEN is a network of individuals and organisations, concerned with and co-operating to develop and promote ideas for positive transition towards a relocalised economy that works in the best interests of the people and the environment in and around Kirklees. Our focus is on creating an economy that protects and regnerates the environment, that builds wealth locally through positive collaborative action by our communities and anchor institutions, that provides opportunities for co-operative enterprise, building economic democracy for people across Kirklees and the wider region.

  • A think-and-do tank working to grow the solidarity economy.

Current Projects

A Mutual Credit Network for West Yorkshire

The COVID-19 crisis is leading in fairly short order to the shut-down of large parts of our economy. The Government has announced measures to help businesses through these very challenging times, but will they be enough? Businesses that are able to continue to operate safely are very likely to see major cashflow issues pretty quickly as orders fall away, and some may struggle with suppliers who have no option but to shut down their operations. We are currently working to establish a mutual credit network for Kirklees, which offers a away for businesses that are able to continue operating to trade with other businesses, even where they may not have all of the cash required to fund purchases. A mutual credit network is essentially an organised system of exchange using credits, built on trust, transparency and co-operation.

Co-operative Care

Ever since we first established the network, the crisis in social care has been an issue at the forefront of our thinking. So it's no surprise that our first major project is looking at the potential to implement a new, cooperative way of providing a social care service that places the service user and their family at the centre of the process, and which also empowers care workers. Find out more...

Cooperation Kirklees

We are pleased and excited that Kirklees Council is working with CLES to develop and implement a local wealth building strategy, and embracing the concept of an inclusive economy. We believe that this approach will be critically important in building a more resilient local economy across Kirklees, better able to withstand external shocks. We're working to establish a co-operative development organisation for Kirklees (working title: "Co-operation Kirklees") that can complement and support this strategy, providing a local access point for advice, information and support for people considering creating new co-operative enterprises, for the existing co-operatives across Kirklees, and for people and organisations thinking about converting an existing organisation into a co-operative.